Stand Out From The Crowd.

A prestigious world-class solution that will even surpass your expectations.

A solid quality of service that provide our partners with a comprehensive suite of features to preserve, catalogue, and enrich their existing collection.

We provide a cutting-edge technology that has gone through a rigorous process of refining and fine-tuning.

  • Diamond is a web-based ILS (acquisition, circulation, cataloging, serials tracking and OPAC), fully compliant with IFLA-LRM, for manuscripts and printed matters.
  • Diamond is fully quadrilingual (English, French, Arabic, and Italian). All known alphabets are supported (UTF-8), as well as RTL and LTR alignments.
  • Diamond allows dates to be stored in nine different calendars (Hijri, Gregorian, Julian, Coptic, Hebrew…) with conversions from one calendar to another.
  • Diamond builds a single database, allowing users to build on existing data. Data is tagged by cataloging agency and area of expertise, allowing each partner to customize their online catalog.
  • Diamond seamlessly handles the cataloging of manuscripts, within a standardized LRM/RDA framework, and in the same database as printed matters, allowing all possible links between records.
  • Thanks to the IFLA-LRM model and the RDA description format, Diamond makes it possible to highlight the editorial history of resources (editions, reissues, translations) and their cultural history (relationships between works). Diamond allows for the recording of lost works, or unedited manuscripts, to draw a more accurate map of related works.
  • Diamond is fully capable of managing digital copies (PDFs, e-publications, online resources), and their intellectual property (online or onsite, full or partial access).
  • Since 2020, Diamond receives a generous funding from the French National Library, thanks to a grant by the Mellon Foundation.
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