Company History

It all started in 1997, when efforts were initiated by René-Vincent du Grandlaunay, OP to catalog the IDEO (Dominican Institute of Oriental Studies) library content. Finding no software on the market that would be fully adapted to the Arabic language and the Islamic heritage texts, he decided to develop one.

AlKindi was born and, with it, the adventure began. Following the publication of the FRBR model by the IFLA, the board of the IDEO decided to implement it in AlKindi in 2010. When partner libraries joined us in 2018, the software AlKindi became a web application and was renamed Diamond, reserving the name AlKindi to the Islamic heritage portal inside Diamond, along with Albertus for medieval Latin heritage texts and Ignatius for Eastern Christian heritage texts. In 2021 the LRM-CS Association was created in order to take over the development and the distribution of Diamond.

Our Mission

Imagine all specialized libraries interconnected in meaningful relationships that empower academic research all over the world, and you get a glimpse of what we do every day to make the academic research easier, faster and more accurate and credible. That’s who we are, that’s what we do.

Our Vision

Contributing to the bigger picture. Making a universal mapping between different human heritages to reach a timeless mental map that is meaningful and useful to the world of libraries cataloging, to aid the progress of humanity towards higher levels.

Our Purpose

To serve humanity, contribute to science progression, and cultivate a repository of valuable human knowledge and experiences that are built on for years to come.


Our Values

The secret word is “open data”: We strive to build a world based on free access to knowledge from all over the world, in a repository that is free, with attainable, credible and referenced knowledge.


Our Slogan

Empowering Learners,
Connecting Knowledge.

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